Hillside Wesleyan Church
Reopening Plan and Guidelines
1. We will open our building for public worship on May 24, 2020.
     a. On May 7th our governor issued an executive order releasing all houses of worship to openly gather.
     b. Our staff and board has carefully and prayerfully created a plan for reopening with your safety in mind.
     c. We will not have Sunday School, nursery or Children’s Church for now.
     d. The staff and Board will evaluate the reopening of these ministries as we progress through the summer.
2. We will have two Sunday services each week. The first at 9:30 AM. The second at 11:00 AM.
     a. We will have a limit of 150 in each of these services. This number reflects what we believe we can do with                    social distancing.
     b. Our formula for a 150 maximum assumes the following. Our current seating capacity is 400. Every other pew             will be blocked off, which reduces our capacity to 200. Social distancing within pews reduces the capacity to             150.
     c. We will continue to livestream our 11:00 AM service for those who choose to remain at home.
3. We will practice social distancing with the following methods.
     a. Please respect social distance when sitting in the same pew with other worshipers.
     b. We ask that you please leave immediately at the close of the services. Do not visit in the building. Especially               do not visit in the foyer, coming or going, as this will create crowd congestion.
     c. Please do visit in the parking lot, with proper distancing.
     d. Facemasks are encouraged. If you do not have a facemask and want one, they will be provided for you as you           enter.
     e. Please use hand sanitizer near the entrances.
     f. There will be no coffee bar.
     g. Only the front entrance will be open.
4. We will not pass offering plates.
     a. Instead offerings will be collected as worshipers leave the sanctuary with an usher at the door, and in a secure           collection box in the foyer.
5. We ask you to help us even out attendance between two services; 9:30 AM and 11:00 AM.
     a. Currently we have about 70-80 worshipers in our early service, and 280-300 in the second service.
     b. Unless a significant number of people are willing to attend at 9:30 AM, some people may be denied access to           the sanctuary.
     c. Would you please consider attending at 9:30 AM?
     d. We know there are certain friends you want to see. We encourage you to inform your friends that you will                     switch to the 9:30 service, and invite them to go with you.
     e. Benefits of attending the 9:30 AM service.
          More time for other activities on Sunday afternoon.
          A second option to attend at 11:00 if you are denied access at 9:30.
          With earlier sunrise in the summer, 9:30 AM is not difficult.