Building Use Guidelines


We are very happy to allow you to use our facility. Our custodial staff works very hard to keep our building clean and to have rooms set-up ready for the many requests that we receive. Please read and follow the following guidelines carefully.


  1. For all events using the main sanctuary, please…no food or drink is allowed in the main sanctuary or in the foyer area or hallways leading to the sanctuary.
  2. We look upon our church as the House of God; therefore, please…no alcoholic beverages are permitted on the property (inside or out).
  3. It is understood that all participants of the activity will use and remain in the rooms requested. It is necessary that a responsible adult be with any children for the duration of the event.
  4. Do not use any other room’s tables, chairs and/or equipment. Even though a room may be empty and look available, it may be cleaned, set-up, and ready for another event/group to use early the next day or later that evening.
  5. You are responsible for set up, clean up (including vacuuming and trash removal), and returning the room to its original setup.
  6. Please help our custodial staff by doing the following after your event:
    1. Clean the tables off
    2. Wipe the tables with soapy water
    3. Put all waste in the trashcans provided
    4. Take all trash out to the dumpster
    5. Try to avoid putting liquids in the trashcans
  7. No equipment, including kitchen equipment such as pots, pans, etc. may leave the church. All consumable supplies (i.e. paper for the tables, cups, plates, coffee, etc.) are to be brought in by those using the building for non-ministry events such as showers, etc.
  9. Any damage done to the property is the responsibility of the person(s) requesting to use the facilities. All accidents, injuries, or damages must be reported to the church office within 24 hours. Damage to equipment due to abuse or neglect will be charged to that ministry for replacement.
  10. All people using the building must be modestly dressed at all times. Alcohol, firearms, profanity, or disorderly conduct are prohibited on church property.
  11. Those requesting to use the kitchen or dining area must abide by the Kitchen Use Guidelines.
  12. The kitchen is not to be used for food preparation where the food will be served off location for non church sponsored or personal ministry events.  The facilities are not to be used for parties or meetings where there is a profit to be made, such as Tupperware, Mary Kay, Creative Memories, etc.
  13. No Gambling is allowed on the property, specifically any form of cards played with chips or other tokens. Video games played on the church property must have an EC, E, E10+ or T rating.  Any movies or portions of movies viewed on church property are to be rated G or PG unless prior approval is received from the senior pastor.
  14. Privately owned equipment left at the church is done so at the risk and peril of the owner.
Thank you for your cooperation and for helping us to utilize the Lord’s facilities with a sense of responsible stewardship.